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sooooooo… i’m new at this whole twitter thing, but follow meee (:


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Today, I made some calming manatees, but most of them are the wrong size to go on the site.

Oh well. Would you like them?

Oh my god this is BEAUTIFUL


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Reblog if you're a nobody on Tumblr but you're still very proud of your blog.



Follow this blog, you will love it on your dashboard

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you know what the stupidest award is

perfect attendance

why should you be rewarded for having a superior immune system and never catching a virus okay it’s not exactly my fault that I’m not perfect and I gotta work it

where is my award for not murdering anyone all four years of high school since we’re giving out pointless awards here

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can we all just take a second to appreciate the fact spiders can’t fly

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great story:

once upon a time,

why am i just now realizing how perfect edward norton is?

the end

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